Build your website in 1 day!

Is your website (or lack thereof!) losing you money?
I've created an easy 1 day workshop during which you will learn the skills to create your website in 1 day!

by Chantal


Got website shame?

  • Do you NEED a website but can't quite stretch the budget to get one done professionally?
  • Tired of spending money on website designers and want to be able to do it yourself?
  • Don't know how or where to start?

You're in the right spot... Let's get your website built!

Once you've been shown what to do, it's actually not as hard as you think!
Especially with the tools available today and an expert to point you in the right direction!

You'll be setup not just for today but for the future of your website.

Want to make changes down the line?  No problem!

A new look? ... easy peasy!

And all DONE BY YOU!

Why work with me? Because I understand your website frustrations!

You see, I was you.

Years ago before I became an expert at this web thing with awesome clients from all over the world, I had an amazing business that needed a kickass website but the quotes from professionals were financially out of my reach at the time.

So ... I DIYed it!
Or, I tried to, at least.

It took countless hours of nail biting frustration to just get the basics up and running.  I was stalled, for months!

What I really wished at the time, was that a friendly professional could just install what I needed and get me up and running because I knew what I needed on my pages I just had to get the basics in place... but I didn't have a clue about One-click WordPress Installs, Databases, FTP, Themes, Plugins, Backups, Maintenance and for heavens sake - what's a cPanel?!


Relax, there's an alternative ...

What you get! Learn how to build an amazing website using all FREE tools!

  • Start on the best base!

    WordPress is what most of the world's websites are built with and can grow with your business so these skills are invaluable to you going forward in your business.  You will not likely move from WordPress and have to learn another skillset.

  • No Research Or Guessing

    I'll tell you exactly what things to install on your website to give you the freedom to design your website with no skill required at all. 

  • Your website in 1 day!

    Leave with the basics on place and a finished home page!

  • Get a checklist of things we cover

    Don't worry about taking notes, I'll provide you a full list of tools we used and how to use them.

  • A light lunch

    We'll take a break for lunch to give your brain a rest.

  • My Top Tips For a Professional Looking Website

    Don't spend hours trying to figure out what makes a website look professional ... I'll give you my cheatsheet!

Plus There's more!

Get direct access to me at a reduced hourly rate should you need me to get anything special working on your website for you!
You have me - your professional web expert on call at a bargain rate!

Your investment What do you need?

  • Your website address

    Where you would like your website to live, e.g.

  • Hosting Account

    You may have this already if you have an email address for your business, expect to pay around R150 a month for good hosting.  This is your only ongoing expense for your website!  Don't have hosting?  Don't worry - contact us and we will get you set up!

  • Book On The Course

    Make your booking below!  A once off investment of R1750 will empower you to build your own professional website in 1 day!